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I got a great lesson in a Coaching Group yesterday. We were talking about Lead Capture landing pages, how to market them and respond to resulting leads. Mike Bowling, our Help-U-Sell Broker in Yuma, Az, had me go to his company Facebook Business Page. There, I found this post:

When I clicked on the post, I was taken to this Landing Page:

This is a RealBird landing page. Ken Hazelet in Pine Grove, CA introduced me to a year ago and if you haven’t explored it yet, you should! For something like $200 a year, every listing you take gets a single property website, a landing page like this, help with social media posting and more.

The Landing Page features a grayed-out photo of the actual listing in the background and a Lead Capture form. When I entered my name, email and phone, I immediately got this message in my inbox:

When I clicked the link, I was taken to the RealBird single property website for this home, which looks like this:

At the same time, my phone started to ding with incoming messages. First, I got this email:

I also got a text with the same message. Yes, it is an automated response, but it sounds somewhat personal. Mike uses FiveStreet to route leads to himself and his team. It automates the process, makes lead tracking easy and keeps things from falling through the cracks. The next ding on my phone produced this voice message from Monica Black, one of the buyer agents in Mike’s office:

(By the way, the incorrect Help-U-Sell usage is the result of Google translating the voice message into text – not an oversight on Monica’s part)

And a moment later I got this text message:

All of this happened almost instantly. Within a minute or two, I’d had five responses to my completion of the Lead Capture form – each one a little more personal than the one before.

Each part of this process took a little thought and setup but, with the exception of Monica’s personal voice message, it’s all pretty much set-it-and-forget-it. Most important, the response produced an impression of value and professionalism from this team. What could be better?

Through the years, I’ve been able to consistently increase a real estate company’s bottom line by tightening up the lead capture, response and tracking process. This is the place where all of your marketing is converted into income opportunities. Phone inquiries are easy: it’s just a matter of knowing your business and your inventory, and working on a little scripting (and using the Buyer and Seller Data Sheets). Internet leads present a bigger challenge, but I think Mike Bowling has shown us the most powerful way to respond to them. Thanks, Mike!

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