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One question always comes up when we talk about the Buyer Consultation:

How do we solidify the relationship after they’ve decided to work with us?

Do we pull out the official Buyer Representation Agreement, the 6 – 8 pages of legalese the State Association of Realtors has created and have them sign it? I hope not. While each State is different, those documents generally say nothing except that you can sue the buyer if they get away from you. And let’s be honest: if they DO get away from you, you’re not going to sue them, are you? You don’t have time for that! So why introduce that scary document at the end of your powerful discussion of the value you bring to the transaction?

Instead, create your own one page list of the things you’re going to do for them and what you expect them to do as they search for a home with you, and then sign it. Call it a Home Buying Pledge. Start by listing, 1-2-3-4, the things you’re going to do for them. Things like put them on a first to know program, give them access to your MLS portal or Listingbook, run a CMA on any property they find interesting and advise them about the value, coordinate and review the results of all inspecitons, and so on. It’s probably about a dozen things.

Then describe how you want them to behave:

*When going to an open house on your own, always inform the agent on duty that you are working with me.

*If you see a home online or in person that you want to know about, call or text me so that I can get that information for you.

*If you come across a For Sale By Owner or non-MLS listing that interests you, let me know. I can get the details and arrange a showing.

All you’re really doing here is emphasizing their decision to work with you and providing some guidance on how to make that relationship work. If you’ve done a good job with the Consultation, reviewing it and getting signatures should be easy, and they’ll be leaving the meeting so confident that they wouldn’t consider making a move without you.

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