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We have a wonderful, relatively ‘new’ Broker in Port Huron, MI. Jeff Hedberg, Help-U-Sell Real Estate Masters has been with us for about 18 months. Last year – his first full year in the system – he closed 75 sides of business; and that was starting from scratch.

Jeff shared something with me today from his Bible App that truly clarifies who we are and what we are doing as a Help-U-Sell family. I’ll reproduce it here:

FOR the Customer

Every day when businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations open their doors, some type of growth is the goal. It could be an increase in customers, sales, or membership, or personal or spiritual growth, but ultimately every organization needs to grow. Healthy things grow. Unhealthy things die.

Growth may look different, but it’s something we all should want. Knowing this, what causes a business to grow? Sure, there are lots of answers, but ultimately it comes down to one word—customers

We must learn to care more for the customer than we care for the business. We must learn to care more about people than about the organization. This isn’t bad for business because customers are the business. Caring for the customer creates an emotional bond that allows them to care more about the business. Now, more than ever, we have an extraordinary opportunity to show customers we care. 

Two Questions That Cause a Business to Grow:

  1. What do we want to be known FOR?
  2. What are we known FOR?

“What do we want to be known FOR?” is our vision. It’s our big idea. It’s our niche, our foothold, in the marketplace. The first question is the one we answer. Here lies the purpose, the vision, the why.

“What are we known FOR?” is the customers’ experience of our vision. It’s their reflection of whether or not they are experiencing the purpose and vision of the organization.

The first question is what we say; the second question is what customers say.

Within these two questions is the secret to growth. When the answers to these two questions match, growth happens. It’s that simple. And it’s that hard.

When what you want to be known FOR is actually what you are known FOR, customers become a free sales force by telling others about you. When you have a compelling vision, product, and purpose, and customers experience it, they gladly become a source of positive word-of-mouth advertising.

To help us get there, let me introduce you to the essence of the FOR strategy. I believe this is the pathway to future success for any organization that wants to thrive and grow:
Winning organizations of tomorrow will be more concerned with becoming fans of their customers instead of convincing customers to become fans of the organization.

Adopting a FOR strategy is more than semantics. It is a call for a new way to view your business. 


Reading this, I couldn’t help but think of Jack Bailey of Help-U-Sell Greensboro. Jack finished last year in the #2 position for production, with 144 closed sides. That’s impressive, but what’s important is how he got there.

I proctor Jack’s Buyer Consultant Training Program a couple of times a year, so I get a pretty close look at what he believes and what he does (hint: they are the same thing). Jack pursues his business with one thing in mind: to help people.

Yesterday, I listened to Jack tell a story about one of his clients, a young family who were so upside down with debt that it was affecting their health. Jack worked with them to develop a strategy for attacking and getting out of debt, AND, at the same time, got them out of their apartment and into a house with no money down (Good Neighbor Program). They sold that house three years later for about three times what they paid. By then they were completely out of debt, healthy, and living an entirely different life.

I know this sounds impossible, but I assure you it is real. Jack has spent his life learning how to do these kinds of things for his people. I’ve heard similar stories from Jack and dozens of other Help-U-Sell Brokers for years. It is who we are and what we do.

You guys are HEROES. Don’t ever forget that. You’re not just selling real estate, you are transforming lives. And that’s what makes for a great business.

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