Is There a Difference Between Being Busy and Working Hard?

There is a fun and thought provoking story at Inman News today about making real estate your lifestyle (instead of  making it what you do for a living). Here is a link:  Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Busy. Author Kris Berg has written extensively about her real estate career and she got my day off with a chuckle.  Here is an excerpt:

I proudly live a world of total real estate emersion. Take-out cartons outnumber two-legged tax deductions at my house by a factor of 50. On any given day, I can tell you how many active listings there are in my market but not where I left my sunglasses.

My home office looks like Staples lost their lunch next to the scanner. There are several items of food origin in my refrigerator in serious need of a shave. And this morning, I learned that my daughter is sick only because I happened to read her Twitter stream. (Note to Child Protective Services: I am referring to the daughter who lives in a Missouri college dorm.)

What do you think?  Is being too busy a symptom of poor time management?  Is working hard a choice that may or may not pay dollar dividends?  Do you work all the time because you need to or want to?  If you’re devoting eight hours to something you could do in four, is it for love of the game or because you’re avoiding something else?  I’d love to hear from you . . .

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