10 thoughts on “Tease . . .”

      1. I don’t know what “Blueprint” is, but I know how to use a blueprint…so my imagination is running wild with the possibilities for Help-U-Sell brokers!

        1. Think about World War I: GIs took to foxholes and hunkered down to avoid the bullets and bombs flying overhead. By the time weapons fire subsided, the foxhole had become strangely comfortable, safe. While everyone wanted to get out of the foxhole, nobody wanted to risk being first. Ultimately, getting out of the foxhole took great courage and was the first step to returning to a normal life. I’ll say no more . . . . well, maybe no more. . .

          1. More: When I was a salesperson, I talked like a salesperson, I thought like a salesperson, I reasoned like a salesperson. When I became a Help-U-Sell Broker, I put my salesperson ways behind me.

        2. ‘I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles . . . oh yeah’ — The Who

          Or, The Why: The flea, capable of leaping two feet into the air who only leaps as high as the lip of his container — one foot — because there used to be a lid there.

          1. I get the flea idea…why exert more effort than is required to get to the desired goal…right? HOWEVER, if you are not using your full capabilities you are selling yourself short! The flea could leap 2 feet into the air, but chooses not to because of a lid that USED to be there.

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