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Just a reminder:  This is ‘Learn How to Report Using OMS’ week.  Every day at 9am, Pacific (12 noon, Eastern), we’re doing 15 minute webinars on how to use the new system to report transactions.  I wanted to do this because I kept talking to brokers who weren’t reporting because they just hadn’t taken the time to learn how (!).  Others were sending in spreadsheets and sometimes even hand scrawled notes (!).  Here’s why it’s important to report using OMS:

  • It preserves your information so that it is available for office management reports.  Today we only have a couple of reports that mostly list what’s been done.  As we move forward, however, more and better reports with valuable KPI information will be available and will become a strong tool in monitoring the progress of your business and planning.
  • It’s quicker, easier and more accurate than any other method you might try.
  • It is required.  Really:  it is the only acceptable method of reporting.
  • It’s fun!  Ok, maybe I exaggerate.

There are a couple ways to learn how to do this, the easiest being:  attend one of the webinars this week.  If that doesn’t fit your schedule, a guide is on the Download Library under Technology Summit Documents, in the OMS Manual folder.  It is the ‘Sales Module’.

You received an invitation in your email this past weekend with the webinar login information.  If you can’t find it, contact anyone at Corporate or email and we’ll get you set up.

(In case you missed it:  OMS stands for Office Management System.)

One thought on “Reporting in OMS”

  1. To be honest, using OMS is fun. It is one of the easiest reporting systems I have ever used. Just think how much information you will be able to retrieve in a few seconds at the end of the year or monthly…you can use the information for your business plan. Join Lori today as she explains how to use the OMS. Check out Help-U-Sell Connect if you can’t find your email with the links. All the links are available there, too.

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