Phoenix Rally

Great rally!  Not heavy on the Rah-Rah, but I think we delivered value in spades.  John’s opening — The Help-U-Sell Blueprint, was simple and pregnant with meaning.  He has the ability to communicate the basic, even the obvious in a way that causes you to see a bigger truth.  He reminded us that the goal is always GROWTH and helped us see that, even in this market, that is possible.

I enjoyed doing the Pillars of Help-U-Sell because it enabled me to address some of the awful twisting of the Help-U-Sell operating system that occurred in our recent past.  I mean:  how can you call yourself a Set Fee Real Estate Company when your fee reverts to a percentage commission under certain circumstances?  It was clarifying.

I think the excitement came from some of the new initiatives we’ve instigated:  The Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Program, courtesy of Ken Kopcho.  The new alliance with Synergy Data that enables our brokers to get access to contact information on homeowners who are late on their payments but not technically in default.  And a new twist on Short-Code Marketing that enables the broker to tie the prospective buyer to him, much as Listingbook does.

The biggest eye-opener, as usual, was the Help-U-Sell website.  This team knows it, but loved seeing how the thing can be optimized and customized.

Everyone left Phoenix, smiling.  And I guess that’s the best goal we could have.  On to Orange County!

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  1. James
    I made contact with (The TOP SECRET marketing company) after I left the Rally Friday afternoon. (Our TOP SECRET contact) was great, received my first leads Tuesday, I have my post cards being printed and I’ll let you know how things go. I got some good ideas and it was good to see everyone again.

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