Vote! Vote Early! Vote Often! But Vote!

Master of Time, Space and Graphics, Theo (I don’t know Theo’s last name but it’s probably one of those twisty South African names) . . . Theo has created three possible new headers for the Set Fee Blog. I’m excited to finally be moving out of last decade’s design and into the new Help-U-Sell image. Trouble is: I like all three so much I don’t know which to pick! So, I’m asking for your help:  Please vote for one of the following:

Candidate 1:

Candidate 2:

Candidate 3:

I will tabulate the vote and announce the winner on Monday, Sept. 19 by applying it to the page design.




3 thoughts on “Vote! Vote Early! Vote Often! But Vote!”

  1. Mr. Chairman, on behalf of the Great State of New Jersey – also know as the Garden State – where the beaches are white, the seasons are your friend and there are too damn many Realtors but not enough Help-U-Sell brokers, I cast my ballot for Candidate number 2.

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