Crazy Good Deal!

Landmark Signs has Help-U-Sell open house directional signs in their clearance area for $2.18 each in lots of 5!!!

These are 18″x24″ corrugated plastic signs without stands (stands are available).  Check it out by clicking HERE.

Pep Talk:  One of your Help-U-Sell advantages is that, through seller participation, you are able to have several open houses running at once, each signing in potential buyers whose contact information is shared with you at the end of the day.  Wow.  That’s just not done in ordinary real estate!  And the benefits don’t stop there:  if you have 5 sellers holding their own open houses this weekend and you’ve given each 5 directional signs, that’s 30* more signs in the marketplace, boosting your visibility into the stratosphere! But none of it happens if  you don’t have the stock of directionals and open house signs.  Don’t let this bargain pass you by.  Visit Landmark by clicking the link above.

*Special recognition to the one who figures out how I got to 30 signs.  Extra special recognition for the person who figures out how to get even more signs in the marketplace.

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