Brilliant Marketing!

Remember Jason Smith?  He was a former Chicago area Help-U-Sell broker and a corporate employee for awhile.  He’s now a State Farm agent in Solana Beach, just north of San Diego.  This morning I got the following in my inbox:


Jason Smith has sent you a message.

Date: 1/09/2012

Subject: Business proposition for our mutual benefit

I see we have some mutual connections. As an insurance specialist my clients often ask if I can refer them to quality realtors who specialize in particular types of properties and/or areas here in San Diego. Let’s see if we can help each other out. It will be great if we can be better connected and are more aware of each others strengths.

Feel free to call me, or share your contact information with me so that I can get in touch with you directly to set up a meeting.


Jason Smith
State Farm Agent
312 S Cedros Avenue Suite 140
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Ph: (858) 755-2106

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Jason has more than 500 connections on LinkedIn.  I don’t know how many more because Linkedin quits counting at 500.  He’s gone through and ticked everyone with real estate in their profile and sent them this message.  Brilliant, huh?!  It’s personal, targeted and very straightforward:  a ‘Business proposition for our mutual benefit.’

Take a look at  Once you have a profile, you can search ‘Groups’ for all kinds of things.  I searched for ‘San Diego,’ and came up with dozens of groups that I could join, thus gaining the ability to send a message to other members.  The San Diego Biotechnology Group has 5,618 members!  The San Diego Sales and Marketing Group has 4,314!

I am waiting to hear from those of you who pick up this nifty idea and run with it.

And Thank You! Jason.


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