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For most of us, our phones have become our cameras.  A few years ago this would have seemed silly, but much better lenses and a proliferation of photo-fixing apps have greatly diminished the line between the point and shoot camera and the phone.

Now, phone evolution has taken another step forward. is showcasing dozens of new accessories for your SmartPhone camera that make it even more useful.  REALTORS, take note!  Many of these items are seemingly custom made for your business!  For example:

self powered cell phone spot light for bright videos and photos from

The Pocket Spotlight:  Perfect for lighting up that dark corner.  And can you imagine how it would improve your phone-shot video?  It has its own battery, so it won’t drain your phone (that’s a good thing).  And for $10 more you get a set of flash filters, too.

Clip-on Lenses Galore! Including the one lens you must have for taking interior photos: the wide-angle! They even have a fish-eye, but that’s probably too severe for real estate.

camlapse cell phone camera rotater for 360 degree images from

The Camlapse, which enables you to take perfect 360 degree photos, ideal for some forms of virtual tours.  I saw a regular camera device that did this demonstrated at NAR a few years back for about $400.  This little cutie costs just $30!

external storage for IPhone, additional GBs and easy interface with computer from

The IPhone Flash Drive Adapter!  I know, I know:  your old-fashioned IPhone is too cool to take a micro SD card (which would enable you to bump up your memory by many gigabites).  This cool device has an IPhone plug on one end, a USB plug on the other and 8 or 16 GB of storage in between!  It’s a little more pricey ($100 – $150), but if you made the mistake of buying an Apple product on your phone upgrade date (wink-wink- nudge-nudge), here’s your solution!

In addition they have tons of cool accessories for SLR cameras and even some interesting new wrinkles for, get this, Poloroid photography:

Poloroid Z2300 from

So get your credit card out – I know you’re going to need it – and get on over to  Your phone photography will be soo much better!

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