Flashback Friday: Next Time You Think You Can’t Do Something . . .

. . . Watch this video:


Mark Goffeney was born in 1969 with no arms.  His father brought home an old guitar he found in a garbage dump when Mark was nine . . . and you can see what he’s done with it.  Homer (my dog) and I came upon him playing for tips in Balboa Park today — and doing quite well, I might add.  Next time you think you’re not up to the challenge, that the cards are stacked against you, that you just can’t make it, think of Mark; and then get up and try again.

This was originally posted in 2010. I’ve seen Mark over and over since, wowing the people who pass by his spot in the park. He now rocks out in a band, ‘Big Foot,’ and has been the subject of several national media stories.

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