The Real Estate Tech Report You Need To Read

You know Stefan Swanepoel?  He is a real estate visionary and tech guru who for years has written extensively about real estate, trends and the impact of technology on the industry.   He was also a fan of Help-U-Sell during our last growth spurt and though he’s been rather silent about us since, I have no reason to believe his opinion has changed.

Among his various ventures is T3 Experts, which delivers powerful information about real estate tech via webinars and consulting.  T3 had just published a great guide to tech for real estate agents and brokers.  It goes into everything from what kind of phone you should buy, whcih laptop and tablet, contact management and lead follow-up  programs as well as strategies for maximizing your web presence.  It’s great information!

And here’s (non) catch:  it’s FREE.

Just trot on over to THIS LINK, provide your email address and download your copy.  I’m not kidding:  this is great stuff, and knowing Swanepoel, I am sure the other offerings from T3 Experts are also just as good.

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