Billboard Bonanza!

Hey, now Help-U-Sell Family!  Get a load of this!  We have a new member in Bakersfield, CA who’s done something I think is remarkable.  Ryan Joyce at Help-U-Sell Bakersfield Equity Savers has announced to the local market that he is HERE with a beautiful billboard!

Boards are something we did quite a bit of back in  2004 – 2006 and they were effective.  Then we went through the downturn where NOTHING was effective and budgets were scaled back.  As the market came back, old ‘analog’ marketing was replaced almost exclusively with ‘digital’ marketing:  the Internet.  So Billboards – and a lot of other good stuff – were left out of the mix.

Your first marketing objective – and probably the most important one – is TO BE SEEN.  We’re doing that pretty well with SEO, Google Ad Words, Facebook and so on.  But can you imagine the power this beautiful message broadcast over a busy highway has in not only creating visibility by also recall?

As you prep for the Summer / Fall market, I hope you’ll consider billboards again.  It might just be the kick your marketing needs to crank up your listing inventory!  If  you click on the photo below, you will taken to a short time-lapse video of this board’s installation.  While you are there, why not ‘Like’  Help-U-Sell Bakersfield Equity Savers’ page?


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