New Consumer Videos (and more to come)

I’ve done a lot of video with Help-U-Sell.  Most of it was training oriented, usually as part of Help-U-Sell University.  In those cases the audience was internal:  I was speaking to the  family about  Help-U-Sell and how it works.

But lately, Robbie has me working on a series of short videos directed at consumers.   The idea is to present some of the basic information a buyer or seller should have before meeting with a Help-U-Sell broker or agent.  Already available is a short piece on pricing your home to sell.  It makes strong  points about what market value is and the problems overpricing creates.  The  goal is to help sellers set a marketable price at the time of listing rather than to overprice with the idea that they can always come down.

Brokers are encouraged to add this video to their websites and then share a link to it with home sellers before they arrive for a listing consultation.  It is also short enough to be used during the consultation.

Last week, I completed a 4 1/2 minute video on how to save the most with Help-U-Sell.  It focuses in on seller participation and some of the easy things a seller can do to find their own buyer – things like taking flyers to the neighbors and to their workplace and holding their own open houses.  Robbie has shipped that one off to Theo in South Africa to apply the graphics and it should be available in a matter of days.

I know we want to do one on HOW to hold your own Open House, getting into safety, staging, signage, signing in, showing and  so on.  But I’d be very curious to now what you Help-U-Sell brokers and agents would like to see.  What other topics directed at consumers should we explore?  I’m looking for items that would help you do a better job for buyers or sellers.

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