America’s Real Estate Company and The Power of Intention

Years ago, after I’d sold my real estate company and embarked on my new career in the corporate side of the business, after I realized I loved what I was doing and would devote the foreseeable future to it, I did a little daydreaming about how I wanted it all to turn out.  What was I going to be doing in 3 years?  in 5?  What job would I have?  Where would I be living and what would I be making?  I wrote down a few of my key thoughts on a piece of note paper and tucked it away in my desk.  A move a couple of months later landed the paper and much of the rest of my desk contents in a box stacked away in storage. 

About five years later, in a fit of Spring cleaning, I came across the box, opened it and discovered the paper.  Every single thing I’d written down had come to pass, exactly as I’d pictured it.  It was such an eye opener for me because I’d forgotten all about the daydreaming and the piece of paper.  Suddenly I had proof that simply getting clear about what you want and focusing on that (not on what you don’t have) can cause your dreams to manifest. 

When I came back to Help-U-Sell last Summer, I wrote lots of things on lots of pieces of paper.  I’m having a ball watching these new daydreams slowly evolve.  There is one thing I wrote down that I’d like to ask all of you to help with. 

I look forward two or three years . . . and I can see Help-U-Sell offices in Walmarts across America.  Seems to me the fit is perfect:  we’re all about providing excellent service and saving consumers money.  So is Walmart.  And while the snootier bunch may snicker at Walmart, just as they snicker at Help-U-Sell, when it comes time to buy a Sony flat panel television, you can bet they shop there. 

When you think about who we are and what we do, we really are America’s Real Estate Company — just as Walmart is Where America Shops.  Picture yourself walking into Walmart, looking to the right and seeing McDonalds, looking to the left and seeing the Optical Department and then looking a little further and seeing . . . Help-U-Sell.  Isn’t that a beautiful picture?

Here’s where your part comes in.  I have no idea how this will happen, who will play a key role, where the contacts will be made;  but I do know that if 300 people have it in mind (rather than just little old me) the chances of that contact, that connection happening are much greater.  Spend a few minutes this week thinking about how this might work.  Picture it having already happened.  See the sign, see the agents, see the pictures of property, see the consumers milling about.  And then write it down.  And tuck it away in a box.  In January of 2015, we’ll all look back and see how the Power of Intention helped our entire organization achieve a goal. 

I realize this all may sound a little magical,  a little silly.  If that’s in your mind, just remember John Kennedy in 1962, speaking at Rice University in Texas painting a picture in the National Consciousness.  He said we would go to the moon and we’d do it in that decade.  As an entire nation held the vision, we achieved the goal. 

You can read the full text of Kennedy’s speech here.

(‘The Power of Intention’ is a great book by Wayne Dyer.)

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