Are the Yellow Pages Extinct?

It’s a real question — one I hope you’ll answer in a comment.  I’m asking because I found myself irritated this morning.  It happens about once a year. 

I live in a 24 unit condo.  Every year, about this time, a man with a dolly and 24 yellow-bagged copies of the Yellow Pages makes a visit to the YPbuilding.  He leaves the books in a stack by the mailboxes.  Every year I find more and more of the bagged books (mine included)  in the recycle bin in the garage.  Last year, probably 18 of 24 were never taken into the home.  That’s what irritates me:  the incredible waste of natural resources involved in printing the thing for no reason then to recycle it. 

I know I’m abnormal (in so many ways), but I haven’t used YP in years.  If I want to find something locally I usually Google the name of my city and the service I seek and then review a few websites.  Is this true for you?

So tell me:  do you use the Yellow Pages to advertise your business?  Do you have a line ad or a display ad?  Does it produce leads for you?  Just click ‘Leave a comment’ above to respond.

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