‘Percentage Based Commissions Are Nuts’ Video

I worked with Robert Stevens and the Sarasota Help-U-Sell team to create a new video explaining why the old fashioned way to price real estate services is sooo off track, and why Help-U-Sell makes so much sense in today’s world.  I’m very pleased with it from a content and communication standpoint – I think it gets the message across pretty well.  And I’m delighted with the graphics packaging and presentation.  Design whiz, Theo did an excellent job of putting pictures and arithmetic to my words.

The real estate industry is so invested in the status quo, so utterly driven by structures and systems that have nothing to do with getting property sold, with helping people find their dream homes, that change is almost impossible for them.  For a big real estate company built on the idea that home sellers should pay 6% or 5% or 7% of the sales price as a commission to change over to a much more logical and fair flat fee system would be like trying to turn the Titanic on a dime (and miss that iceberg!).    Yet the iceberg is out there, looming, getting closer by the day and year.

When the percentage based ship goes down, consumers will win.  They’ll be charged for real estate services they same way they are charged for medical services or legal services or auto mechanic services:  Set Fee Pricing.  It will be fair and it will make sense . . . and they will save thousands.

If you are ready for tomorrow, if you’re tired of feeling taken even when your agent and broker do a good job, if you want to be delighted not only with the service but also with the fee, Call Help-U-Sell.  It is the modern way to sell your home.

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