A 21st Century Homebuyer Tool

You know I love Listingbook. I think it is the practical application of technology in a way that will transform real estate. The whole industry is grappling with the same issue: how do we take the consumer real estate experience and bring it into the 21st Century? Listingbook is a giant leap forward in that. It creates a Web 2.0 like platform for buyers and their real estate professionals to communicate and share information through the home search process. It is perceived by consumers to be a high value item that differentiates the agent who gives them their Listingbook account from the rest of the pack.

New developments move at the speed of light in this day and age, however, and people still tend to move . . . well, somewhat slower. As Listingbook has been establishing itself one MLS at a time, one agent at a time, others have taken their basic concept and moved it in new directions. Such is the case with one of the new Vendor Alliances we rolled out at the recent round of rallies.

I’ll keep the company name private here — if you’re a Help-U-Sell broker and don’t know who I’m talking about, check your email or call me — but they specialize in short-code marketing. You know what that is: it’s the rider sign that says to text a code number to get that listing’s information on your mobile phone.

That’s not new. What is new is where they’ve taken it.

With our new vendor, when the consumer responds to the ‘Text To’ rider, the broker receives a text message with that consumer’s contact information. A speedy callback along the lines of: ‘I see you are in front of 123 Elm Street . . . ‘ with some general rapport building leads to an offer. ‘How would you like to receive information on any listing you see, no matter whose listing it is, on your mobile phone, ust as you did on the Elm Street listing? Let me give you a free account with our service. Whenever you see a listing, no matter if it’s got a ‘Text To’ rider or not, text the same number you used to get information on the Elm Street house and you’ll get details on the listing you’re looking at. It’s like having the whole MLS on your mobile phone!’

Wow. Now that’s high value. Especially for the 20 to 40 somethings we’re all trying to reach. And it’s accomplished because our new vendor couples your short-code marketing with an IDX feed.

Furthermore, once the consumer is given the account, they are then tied to that broker. Even if they text another broker’s code on another listing, they will be led back to the broker who gave them the account. Not only can the broker see everything the buyer is looking at, he or she can give the buyer their own website where they can share information, look at property details on a bigger screen and search the MLS.

It’s like Listingbook in the palm of the consumer’s hand.

Today real estate success is all about differentiation, providing consumers high value consumer tools, using technology to streamline the process and knowing your stuff. This new Vendor Alliance does all of that and more. I’d suggest you jump on it with both feet!

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