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I’m asking you to do this because I recently made a big change to The Set Fee Real Estate Blog.  I moved it from an old cranky server to a shiny new one that ticks along without a hitch.  Though it was a big and difficult process that took weeks (literally:  try/fail, try/fail, try/fail, try/partial success, help, help, help, a little more success), most of what was here before came over. One of the things that did not were my subscribers.  I’ve been able to resurrect only five of you!  So please, just drop your email address in the little box and make me smile!

It goes without saying (or maybe it doesn’t)  that I don’t sell or give your address to anybody and the only thing you will ever get from me is a notice that there’s something new here.  Having spent the last week ‘Unsubscribing’ from literally hundreds of sites I’ve wandered into over the years, I would never do that to you.  I guess it is a little ironic that I would ask you to subscribe here during National Unsubscribe Week, but what the hay.

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