20% Off Visibility!

The hardest thing about keeping a blog is . . . keeping a blog.  I’m sorry I’ve been absent for awhile:  distractions, you know.  But I saw something today I wanted to pass on.

But, before I do . . .

On yesterday’s RoundTable call, we were talking about marketing and who’s doing what right now.  We quickly zeroed in on Richard Cricchio from Help-U-Sell Honolulu.  Richard is a great old (he’s actually chronologically young; when I say ‘old’ I mean long in the Company) Help-U-Sell Broker and former Regional Director who’s always done a great job of building and exploiting the brand in Oahu.  Right now, Richard is doing 7500 ‘In The Neighborhood’ Magazines via 1 to 1 Online every month.  The magazines are in racks in area grocery and drug stores.  He’s also doing a flight of short television spots*, a weekly half-hour call-in radio show, arounds and various other things.  It comes to about $4,000 a month in marketing – not much by 2005 standards but hefty for 2011.  What struck me is this: everything he is doing is designed to boost his Visibility.

Remember the three objectives of marketing:  Visibility, Lead Generation and Client Base Development.  There is a reason Visibility is the first item in that list.  It is the foundation, the bedrock of any marketing plan.

In this tight and difficult market, Richard has focused his Marketing on making sure people know he’s here, he’s different, people use his service, it works, and they save money.  That’s very smart.

So, imagine my delight today when I opened up my email and saw a message from Realty Sign Express saying that EVERYTHING is on sale for 20% off!  If Visibility is your goal, it all begins with signs:  For Sale signs, Open House signs, Directional signs, BLITZ signs and on and on.  Here’s a chance to beef up your supplies and save a little too.  Here’s a link to their website:

Realty Sign Express

Select Help-U-Sell from the Company Store menu.

*I’ve shared Richard’s TV commercials before but they are so good, I’ll do it again:

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