New! Improved! National Help-U-Sell Get a Listing Day!

Ok; So everyone who took a listing last Wednesday was too shy to post a war story.  Besides:  What was in it for them, right?  So . . . Now, announcing the New,Improved National Help-U-Sell Get a Listing Day, Tuesday, February 2, 2010 (that’s 02-02-2010).  The idea is simply this:  if your life depended on it, you’d be able to get up in the morning, go out into the world and come back by sundown with a new listing.  That’s what we’re all going to do on Feb. 2.

And this time there’s a pretty cool prize.  Robert Stevens will give the winner — drawn at random from all war stories posted on this blog — a free comprehensive website consultation.  The winner will work with Robert one-on-one to customize, localize and optimize their Help-U-Sell website for maximum attractiveness to search engines, which translates into more leads.  It’s a great prize!

For inspiration, I have two things.  First, read the original National Help-U-Sell Get a Listing Day posted  HERE.  Then, take a look at a video Michelle Morgan’ (Help-U-Sell Real Estate Specialists, Lake Havasu, AZ) posted on her website, HERE.  It rocks!

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