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Day one of the Sarasota Summit is history and Day 2 has just begun.  I’m breathing a sigh of relief because our attendees seem to be just as fascinated by what’s being presented as I am.  They were just as into the material yesterday afternoon at 4 as they were at noon and this morning they are so focused it’s been hard to get them to take a break.

Yesterday, Robbie gave them a broadbrush overview of the power and features of the new Help-U-Sell broker websites.  Ooos and Ahhhs were common, particularly when mapping and editorial control features were presented.  I continue to be amazed at Robbie’s ability to communicate the technology in ways that real estate brokers understand.   It’s a rare talent and has meant so much to us as we take this giant leap forward in our Internet presence.

Today is the hands on day and we have 15 users tapped into the Internet, learning about Google Insights, customization, synching profiles and all of the other things that will make their new Help-U-Sell websites draw.  One of the things I am most excited about is a section in the manual that Tami Patzer created, called ’11 Days to a Productive Website.’  Shes taken the key tasks from this meeting’s content and broken them down into simple steps that can be accomplished in an hour a less over a two week period.  The idea is:  now that you’ve seen and heard what to do to make your website KICK, here is your roadmap to use back in the office to make sure you get it done.

John and I head to Las Vegas this evening and the tech team follows early tomorrow.  We have a much larger group scheduled for the Palace Station meeting — currently 50 and counting — and I anticipate just as much excitement and positive energy there as here.

I’ve been thinking about the significance of what we’re doing this week and I’m very clear that this is all about being in the real estate business.  Our new web capabilities are focused on finding more buyers and sellers, listing and selling more real estate.  That’s not just our brokers’ goal, it’s OUR goal here at corporate as well.  We share the same objective, the same target customer; and the new websites will help us reach more and more of them.

I posted photos from the Summit at Photobucket and you can view them HERE.

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