The Willing Suspension of Disbelief

It’s what makes movies and plays work.  It’s what enables us to follow charismatic leaders.  It’s what keeps Christmas morning fresh and new every year.  Sometimes, when hope collides with faith, we allow ourselves to believe.  It’s quite a leap across a chasm of doubt, a risky act of defiance against the power of cynicism.  And sometimes it happens in business.

Tech Summits in Sarasota and Las Vegas have been a gas.  Dozens of Help-U-Sell brokers have come into the room ready to have their worst suspicions confirmed, but hoping for confirmation that the hope and faith they’ve invested in this company over the past year have not been without merit.  Usually, about 20 minutes in, there is an almost audible sigh of relief:  what has been promised is delivered . . . and more.

Whether on the harbor cruise or at the B of A reception, the first day ends with the dreamy smiles of a united team, excited and ready to take the new tools to market and upset the competition.  Then it’s on to day two:  hands on with Robbie and the guys from South Africa as we learn how easy it is to take this new monster of a tool by the horns and make it work for us.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Thank goodness for faith, hope and Help-U-Sell, for people driven as much by the mission as they are by the money.

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