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So the Tech Summits are done.  Everyone is very excited about the new sites and the ease at which they can be customized, localized and optimized.  Attendees went home with a document entitled, ’11 Days to a Great Website’ that outlines, step-by-step, what they need to do to get the most out of their new online identity.  Still there will be some who won’t get to the task or won’t be able to maintain their focus over time.  This doesn’t make them bad, slow, or less-than in any way.  Some have their hands absolutely full maintaining their current operations.  A new set of tasks, no matter how simple, will be overwhelming.  Others are lacking in computer skills (beyond MLS), so that managing their own sites will be like learning Swahili.  For these brokers there is help.

Meet Kirk Eisele.  He was a Help-U-Sell broker and owner of two offices in the early 2000’s.  His business partner was more the real estate guy; Kirk’s focus was on systems and automation.  He’s offered to assist any member in doing the initial legwork involved in optimizing their website and in maintaining/enhancing the site over time.  Specifically, Kirk will help:

  • Analyze your website data to discover who and where your audience is and what motivates them to look for you
  • Identify keywords and phrases that will draw customers to your website
  • Help meld those words and phrases into your content so that search engines will find you
  • Work to develop quality links to your site to enhance your online credibility
  • Set you up and teach you how to easily manage your Social Networking program
  • Help you develop a leads capture and incubation process that will increase your conversion rates
  • Function as a hands-on Internet marketing consultant and coach
  • And more . . .

I know Kirk.  He’s a quality guy and he knows his stuff.  His fee is reasonable ($350 per month plus any add-ons you may choose, with a six month commitment).  If you are wrestling with how to manage your online presence, I can think of no one better able to help.  A full description of Kirk’s service and contact information is located HERE.

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