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Mike Klein, Help-U-Sell Prescott, is attaching his Free Weekly List to his blog so readers can download it.  I’m sure he’s distributing it in other ways, too, but this is great.  The FWL is great, too, featuring testimonials and highlighting new listings, price reductions and bank owned properties.  You really ought to see this:  go to Mike’s Blog and download the attachment.  I keep hearing (usually from struggling members) that the Free Weekly List is no longer relevant.  Take a look at this and see how untrue that is!

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  1. Thanks James. We also email the list to approximately 600 people who have signed onto our web site, called for the list, etc.

  2. What? The weekly list is probably relevant now more than EVER. As a mass communications professor who has studied this stuff for more than 25 years, I can tell you that in this NEW MEDIA world, the weekly list is what is called FRESH, ORIGINAL CONTENT. It is relevant because if you share it online in the right way…it can help drive the 90% of all people who start their real estate search right into your arms (well, into your sphere of influence anyway). Please Help-U-Sell folks, use the tools! I can tell you that search engines LOVE blogs with fresh content and that Google, for example, checks out your blog posts at least every 30 days in the beginning, but if Google finds that you are posting regularly, they start checking sometimes more than once a day. This will drive your blog up in the search engine results quickly. I have many more tips that I will share during our Tech Time Tuesdays. Have a great Memorial Day!
    P.S. Remember you are not trying to sell real estate online, you are creating credibility, so people recognize you as the real estate expert who can SAVE them big bucks!

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