Look What Showed Up On My Door

Door hangers are really in this year.

They help make marketing affordable.  Ok:  that means you use person power to get them out rather than postage power.  This came from an agent — not Help-U-Sell — who attached her card in the appropriate place.  Best I can tell, all my neighbors got one too.  The door hanger itself was provided by Fidelity National Home Warranty and I think it’s pretty effective.  I asked Scott Jackson, our Bank of American National Accounts Manager, if they had something similar our Help-U-Sell team could use.  He told me the local MLOs have access to a wide variety of marketing materials for brokers and he was sure several dealt with Short Sales and Loan Mods.  If you’re looking for something new to add to your marketing activities this summer,  I think this could be a good thing.  Call your B of A MLO and see what’s available and then start pounding the pavement (or get your kids to do it)!

(Aside to anyone attending the latest round of Help-U-Sell rallies — this would probably work well with that TOP SECRET Short Sale lead program we presented at the rally.  I don’t want your competitors to know about it, so I won’t name it here and I won’t describe it in detail.  If you missed it at the rally, call me and I’ll fill you in).



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