Negotiating Tips For Buyers and Sellers

Everybody wants a deal today.  Buyers, understanding that they hold the keys to the kingdom, want the best house at the lowest price and the most favorable terms.  Sellers, often facing some kind of loss (even if it’s just a loss in perceived value) want to cut a deal that will be least painful and put them in the best position moving forward.  One of the things they look to us for is help in negotiating.  We advise and then work to advance and protect their positions.

But your ability to negotiate effectively on behalf of a client is dependent on many things within the client’s control.  They have to be realistic and flexible.  They have to be very clear on what’s most important.  They have to be creative.

This morning’s Trulia newsletter has a nifty little piece presenting negotiating tips for buyers and sellers.  It’s a snappy summary of the attitudes and strategies your clients need to embrace to be most successful in a negotiating situation.  I think it would be a great item to reproduce and share with your clients at the beginning of the relationship so that when you get down to offer and acceptance they will understand their role a little better.

Here is a link to the full article.

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