Marketing Material and Vendor Update

One of our goals for 2011 is to update and upgrade our vendor program.  Robert Stevens is spec’ing out a template that will make it possible for our brokers to access approved suppliers directly on the website back-end, OMS.  We’re also working with our vendors to redesign all of our marketing materials so that everything has the same look and feel.

I’ve just created a new folder in the Download Library called ‘Vendors’, in which I placed a PDF doc listing some of the vendors we currently have on-board with contact information and product descriptions.  I’ll be working to complete that listing over the next several weeks.

Suddenly, this is all very important because . . . things are starting to move.

Have you noticed?  Somehow, in December, the economic news turned more favorable and I’m hearing from most everywhere that there is activity this month at a level we haven’t seen for some time.  Buyers seem to be out, trying to take advantage of low prices and low interest rates while they still can.  As a result, everyone’s talking about marketing.

We’ll be talking about it a lot over the next few weeks.  I know our Wednesday Rountable and Training calls will  feature segments on using Facebook pay-per-click ads, new marketing capabilities at Listingbook, and a reintroduction of 1 to 1 and Excel, their websites, tools and product offering.

So go get your marketing hat out and dust it off.  Let’s start planning for that Spring selling season!

2 thoughts on “Marketing Material and Vendor Update”

  1. James, one thing I have certainly noticed is seller leads coming in from There has been a huge increase in leads over the last 2 weeks. I mean a 300% increase at least. We have some exciting upgrades planned for the web as well and more user/seller back end tools. Cant help but to be excited about 2011!

    1. I have what I can see in my own town and what I hear from around the country. Buyers are definitely out and about. Last weekend, open houses all over the place and many doing quite well, traffic wise.

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