Help-U-Sell for Brokers

Traditional real estate Brokers don’t get us.  They know about our fee structure and wonder, ‘How can they charge so much less and stay in business?  I’m charging much more and can barely make a profit!’

Help-U-Sell Brokers have discovered the secret to charging less and making more.  While the Low Set Fee is at our heart, what makes Help-U-Sell work is bigger than that:  it’s a completely different business model.

First, we put the Broker in firm control:  the business is the Broker’s and the Broker is the business.  The Broker develops and orchestrates the marketing plan, takes the listings (or has an assistant do this for him), captures and controls the leads and hires assistants and buyers’ agents to help when the flow of business is great enough to warrant.  Because the burden of the business is not put on the shoulders of the agents, they work for a reasonable split.  Generally they don’t prospect for listings, call FSBOs or Expireds, race to meet advertising deadlines, work on price reductions or do anything associated with the listing side of the business.  Their job is focused and manageable:  take the buyer leads the office inventory and marketing creates, and convert them to sales.  Period.

Because the Help-U-Sell office is organized around systems – a marketing system, a leads intake system, a client management system, the need for the ‘handholding’ of a traditional listing agent is greatly diminished and seller clients are managed by the Broker and his or her assistants.  The Low Set Fee offer is so appealing that taking listings is easy, so Help-U-Sell offices tend to have more than their share (and therefore tend to generate more buyer leads).

But, what about those listings?  How does a Help-U-Sell Broker charge less and make more.  Here’s an illustration:*

*Commissions, Set Fees and Agent Commission Splits are always negotiable.  The above is an example only.

In a nutshell:  Help-U-Sell Brokers go into the marketplace with a great Seller offering:  Sell your home for a Low Set Fee and save thousands.  This strikes a chord with Sellers and they call for information.  That’s when our systematic approach to the business takes over and most sellers who contact us eventually list with us.  As the Low Set Fee offer generates seller inquiries the listings they create generate leads:  more sellers who want to sell and buyers who want to buy.

Unlike traditional offices where whoever’s ‘up’ gets the call (and usually loses the lead), we take great care in how we handle buyer inquiries.  The Help-U-Sell office’s job is to capture that inquiry, convert it into a solid lead and pass it off to a buyers’ agent who uses a systematic approach to turn the lead into a client and a sale.  Because we take great care with the initial interaction, our Brokers are in a much better position to follow up with buyers’ agents, offer assistance and expect results.

The bottom line is . . . The Bottom Line.  When a bold new approach to the real estate business meets a dedicated, entrepreneurial real estate Broker, profitability is almost certain.  Best of all, saving people money while makingmoney is a whole lot of fun!  Join the quiet revolution!

Download a PDF copy of Help-U-Sell for Brokers

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