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There is a misconception among traditional real estate agents that Help-U-Sell is not a place to have a great career.  After all, we are not known for paying large commission splits!  And with our Low Set Fee structure, there can’t be much money in it for an agent, right?  Wrong!

First, consider why a traditional broker would be willing to pay a high split.  In that traditional office you are responsible for getting  listings, making sales, finding sellers, finding buyers,  producing your own leads, prospecting, prospecting, prospecting, paying your own marketing and office expenses and on and on.  You are shouldering the lion’s share of the business expenses (and running around like a chicken with your head cut off!) –  so you should be getting the lion’s share of the commission!

But maybe there’s a better way.  Maybe the Broker should take responsibility for developing an effective marketing plan, for producing a steady flow of quality leads, for providing all the tools you need to do your job.  Maybe you should be focused on just one aspect of the business:  taking buyer clients the office has handed to you and turning them into closed sales and satisfied customers.  You’d have no prospecting demands, no angry sellers, no open houses you must hold, no advertising bill to pay.  Because your job description would finally be manageable (and quality leads would be steady), you’d be able to do many more transactions.  That’s the way we do it at Help-U-Sell.

At Help-U-Sell, we expect our Buyers’ Agents to close at least two sides every month — way above the national average.  Because our offices are lead generating machines (and because we never add agents until we have the leads to support them), that’s a very attainable goal.  As a result our agents are happy, calm, excited, busy, productive . . . and they still have lives!  Now, let’s consider the dollars.

While your production may be different (and we invite you to work through these calculations with your own numbers), the average real estate agent production today is less than one closed side per month.  Consider this example:

  • Average Sale Price:  $300,000
  • Average Commission per Closed Side:  3%*:  $9,000
  • Average Agent’s Commission Split:  75%* =  $6,750 per closed side
  • Rounding average production UP to 1 closed side per month (12 per year) = $81,000 Agent’s Gross, from which from which desk fees, marketing expenses, and cost of doing business must be taken.

Now, consider the same parameters at Help-U-Sell:

  • Average Sale Price:  $300,000
  • Average Commission per Closed Side:  3%*:  $9,000
  • Average Agent’s Commission Split: 50%* =  $4,500 per closed side
  • Assuming you meet our minimum production standard for Buyers’ Agents, that’s 24 closed sides a year =$108,000 with NO marketing expenses, no desk fees, no prospecting, no calling FSBOs, no angry sellers . . .

The big difference is that the traditional agent had to develop all of his or her own business.  The Help-U-Sell agent left that job up to the office and focused on turning Buyer leads into sales.  The Help-U-Sell agent also had time for family, friends, hobbies, vacations . . . a life.  Isn’t it time you had one?

*Of course, commissions are always negotiable, as are commission splits.

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