Sometimes Being Visible Means Being Heard

Richard Cricchio of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties has been doing a weekly radio call-in talk show for, literally, years.  Rule one of Marketing is to be visible and he has used this audible medium to do just that!  He and his company are known throughout the island and this radio show is one important piece of the program that caused that to happen.  Here are recordings of a show he did this week, on October 5, 2011.

A Note About Marketing with Radio:  remember Richard is in Honolulu which is on the ISLAND of Oahu.  It’s a perfect location to exploit the power of radio.  His broadcast reaches the island and he’s in pretty good shape to do business anywhere within that ‘reach.’  If your marketplace is also like an ISLAND – which is to say, smaller, more compact, somewhat distinct or isolated – radio advertising might be a good choice for you.  However, if you are in a major metropolitan suburb, think twice.  Your message, whether an ad or a show like Richard’s, will go to the entire area, most often into places that are too far away for you handle.  You will probably discover that the cost to produce the leads you CAN work is greater than the leads are worth.  As always, I’d suggest you talk with someone – me, Ron McCoy, another Help-U-Sell broker or two – before you kick off any new or untried marketing program.

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