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Evernote is a great tool for real estate people.  It’s a cloud-based storage platform with great organizing and collaborating capabilities.  Let me see if I can be more descriptive about that:

  • You create ‘Notes’ in Evernote for anything you want to hang on to.  It might be a line of text, a web page, an email, a video, an audio note, a PDF, a contract, a photo . . . really:  any content viewable on your computer can be stored in a Note.
  • Your Notes are actually housed in the ‘Cloud.’  So they are viewable on any internet connected device and your content is always synced and up-t0-date.
  • There are also Evernote apps for Androids, Blackberries and Iphones which make it easier to use on a mobile device.
  • You can share specific Notes with other people you designate – so it’s a great way for you to keep on the same page with, say, a client.

Here’s a video showcasing how one Realtor uses Evernote.  Unfortunately, there is a minute or two of dead space where he demos how he uses Evernote with a mobile phone, but I think you’ll get it from what’s here:

Everthing you put into Evernote on your computer can be viewed on your phone or tablet. You can also use your phone to add to Notes – by say, taking a photo or making a voice note.

By the way, Matt Rathbun, who made the video, has pretty good information on how to use some of the best technology available to Realtors on his website: theagenttrainer.com. Check it out.

And to learn more about Evernote, go to www.evernote.com and to the blog: blog.evernote.com.

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