Refresher Course

  1. You are a Set Fee Real Estate Company
  2. You market TO sellers
  3. You market FOR listings because listings create opportunities for Lead Generation (Sign, Ad, Directional, Arrounds, Open House, etc)
  4. Leads drive your business – there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ or ‘dead’ lead at Help-U-Sell
  5. You realize that the way leads are handled and managed in your office is key to your success.
  6. The one skill you practice almost constantly is:  handling buyer and seller inquiries, whether on the phone or from the Internet
  7. You keep hard copies of all your buyer leads in a Buyer Pool Book.  This is the first place you go when you have a new listing.  It also feeds the buyer agents you bring in to help you take care of the business (leads) you’ve created
  8. You recognize word-of-mouth advertising – whether via Facebook, Yelp, Zillow or the old fashioned way, person-t0-person – is the most powerful form of advertising there is
  9. You build this word-of-mouth advertising by doing an excellent job, saving people money, and staying in touch
  10. Your goal is to have your client base be so delighted with the service they receive (and the savings they achieve) that they become advocates for you in the field, a word-of-mouth recommending army
  11. You believe in systems and employ them to do large numbers of transactions with just a few people
  12. You are developing an asset (your company) and you have an exit strategy in mind, even if it is decades away
  13. And, Oh yes:  you are having a whole lot of fun, too!


And welcome to your life on Help-U-Sell!

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