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I really want to share this with you!  Roy Perry is our relatively new broker in Spring Creek, NV.  He joined us about 18 months ago and has done a fine job of making a dent in this mining driven community.  I noticed Roy’s name in the results for the Winter Warm-UP Contest we are running right now (he was tied for #8 in closed seller sides) and almost at the same time, he called me on the phone.

Roy is now holding 30 listings in inventory – and growing (YES!).

Many of his sellers are electing NOT to go into the MLS.

In those situations he manually inputs the listing into via the OMS.

This not only gives these non-MLS sellers a web presence, it also syndicates the listing out to the most popular home search portals (i.e. Trulia , Zillow, etc.).

He’s also doing virtual tours in a wonderful way.  Today most brokers take still photos of a property  and upload them to a service that turns them into a pan-and-zoom virtual tour with a music background.  That’s ok, but what Roy’s doing is probably better.  Here’s why:

Instead of still photos, he’s shooting video and uploading it to YouTube.  That, all by itself is huge.  Google loves video, especially YouTube video.  If you notice in your own search results, you usually have several text entries on the first page, then a few video links appear, followed by more text results.  Video gets preferential (first page) treatment, so if your video matches the search query you may actually leap-frog over other matches to the first page!

He also does a voice over for his videos.  I can’t tell whether he speaks while shooting or adds the track later, but this is also big.  When Google detects a voice track in a video, it actually transcribes the voice track, turning it into search fodder. So by lacing frequent references to local geography throughout the video along with phrases potential clients use when searching for real estate, Roy is increasing his attractiveness to the search Giant.  Plus, if you watch this tour, you get a good sense of what it’s like to work with Roy – and it’s a very positive impression.  It’s clear he knows what he’s talking about and I can imagine being very comfortable looking at property with him.

Here  take a look:  click the link below and then select ‘Virtual Tours’

Roy Perry’s Non-MLS Listing in Spring Creek

And then, tell me what you think?  Are you taking more Help-U-Sell Exclusives?  And are you manually entering them into OMS?  How about virtual tours?  What are you doing? And, is it working?


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