The Mission

A friend of mine recently had a bit of bad luck with his car:  he wrecked it.  He’s been running around in a rental while his vehicle is being repaired and today we stopped by the body shop to see how work was progressing.

The experience was so different from what I expected that I wondered if perhaps I’d stepped through some kind of rift in the space-time continuum:  an auto body shop worm hole!

The shop was immaculately clean.  The people – all of the people – were neat, clean, and smiling.  We were immediately greeted and then treated like royalty.  I waited in the office, in a comfortable chair.  I was offered coffee and then water.  I started noticing the graphics on the walls.  Their Mission  statement was prominently displayed and I was immediately struck with how honest, how real it was.

“Our Mission is to restore the rhythm of our customers’ lives.”  Simple, straightforward, intriguing.

I actually pay attention to Mission statements and often find that they are pure garbage, cooked up by some disconnected marketing person and saying absolutely nothing.  This one, though?  I saw evidence of it’s honesty all around me.

I am so impressed that I want all Help-U-Sell family members to take a look at a short video that describes the Mission.  It is from their website:

So now you know:  it’s Calibre Collision Center.  They are located in several Southwestern States and based on what I saw today, I can’t imagine taking a crumpled car anywhere else to be fixed.

Our Mission, our identity is very similar to theirs.  We’re all about the consumer experience – it’s one of the ways we are so different from our competitors – and that’s not just marketing babble.  It’s for real.  We get a huge charge out of saving our customers money!  Out of charging them LESS than everyone else does!  When we do it right, we find that they become our biggest promoters!

Go ahead, watch the video again or visit the website.  Take a little inspiration from someone doing it very well.

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