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Ok, Help-U-Sell Brokers:  I promised a blogging solutions for you.  Here are the details

First:  YOU NEED ONE!  Why?  Go back two blog posts and read the facts.

Here’s what I’ll do:

Get you set up:

Help you secure a domain name (like, set-up hosting, install WordPress, install and customize your blogging template, customize your graphics, and install a dozen plugins that will make your blog easier to manage and more attractive to search engines.

Teach you about your blog:

Show you how to post, respond to comments, check your stats and so on.

Write content for you blog:

At least four posts per month, all localized as much as possible and posted in your name.

Review blog performance with you:

Check stats regularly with an eye towards popular posts, frequently used search terms, ways to drive more traffic an so on.

Visit to see a full program description and a sample blog.  The sample uses the basic template and set-up I’ll be using.  Sharp, huh?

If you’re already blogging and just want a little help, let’s talk.  I’m sure there’s a way we can work together.

By the way:  if you’re an ordinary Broker, I’m sorry:  I’ve got nothing for you.  I could only create content for extraordinary brokers, ones focused on the consumer, the consumer experience and doing much more with less.

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