Special! YouTube Channel SetUp and Training

Next Tuesday, June 2, at 9am Pacific Time (Noon Eastern), Alejandro Naranjo and I will be conducting a one hour session on how to setup and effectively use a YouTube Channel to boost website traffic and increase leads.

This is so important today. It is clear that video is search engine preferred content, and that YouTube – owned by Google – is the best place to house it.  More important than the SEO implications, though, consumers – when given a choice – will usually watch a short video before reading print content on a webpage;  so having a place to store and stage video is essential.  Even if you never post anything to your YouTube Channel but your own virtual tours and an occasional video from Help-U-Sell Corporate, you will be improving your visibility on the Internet and increasing the likelihood that potential buyers and sellers will find their way into your pipeline.

In the session we’ll discuss:

  • How to setup a YouTube Channel
  • How to Upload, Download, Share and Embed Video
  • How to maximize the search engine benefit of your virtual tours by hosting them on your Channel (rather than an outside vendor)
  • How to connect your YouTube Channel to social media, your website, even your drip email marketing
  • How to use the simple video editing tools available at YouTube.com
  • And, of course, MORE!

I’m sure it will be a worthwhile hour!  Please use the following link to register for the session:


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