New (Shorter) Agent Video

A few weeks ago, we created a video for agents who express an interest in Help-U-Sell Real Estate and want to know more.  It’s a fine video and says all the right things.  The problem is that it is LONG – a little more than 6 minutes long.  It is fine for an agent who wants to know more, but not so good for prospecting.  There’s a rule about teaser or ‘for-more-information-call’ videos – video’s used to pique curiosity and elicit a response:  once they exceed 2 minutes in length, their effectiveness takes a nose dive.

So, we took the original long video and edited it down to . . . well, just over 2 minutes.  It’s now appropriate for prospecting.  Have a look:

If you are curious, you can view the original 6 minute video HERE.

If you need help adding either of these videos to your website, creating a landing page around them or using them in a prospecting campaign, drop an email to  We’ll be happy to help.

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