Ok, gang it’s time (FYI:  ‘gang’ means Help-U-Sell Brokers).  Mike Paholke and the folks at Excel have opened ordering for the Co-op EDDM program.  You can order your mailers now through Jan. 15, in bulk, for close to half what it would cost at any other time.  The Co-op program runs four times a year, so if your target market is, say, 2,000 households and you want to be in their mailboxes once a month, you probably need to order 6,000 pieces now to get you through to the next Co-op date.  In fact, I’d probably order 8,000 just to be sure.  Mike will warehouse your pieces for free and send them out whenever you tell him to.

Just to be sure you understand what a deal this is, if you were to order 2,000 EDDMs at random, your cost, including postage, would be about 50 cents per piece.  Ordering during the Co-op run, the cost drops to:

29 cents per household!

Not too shabby!

So let’s get serious about marketing in 2016, make regular EDDMs to your target market a key component and minimize your cost by ordering during the co-op.  Just in case you forgot, here’s the website:


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