Brian Buffini Scripts

I titled this post ‘Brian Buffini Scripts’ because that is a search term used frequently to find this blog. I think I mentioned Brian’s Scripts in a post or two, so people, trying to find a free dialogue come here searching. I could have easily called this ‘Mike Ferry Scripts,’ or ‘Tom Hopkins Scripts,’ or ‘Danielle Kennedy Scripts.’ The point is: REALTORS seem to always be searching for the magic words that will turn their business around. Somehow, we think we’re failing because we don’t have the right words. If we just had the words . . . the magic script . . .

Trust me: there is no magic in the words. You’re not failing because you have a bad script. You’re failing because you don’t know your business.

All good scripting is the same thing: packaging something that is true in a powerful way that consumers can understand. When the script master says, ‘There are three factors that influence the sale of any home: Price, Condition and Exposure,’ it is true. It’s also true when the marketeer says ‘The single most important thing we can do to make your home marketable is to price it right.’ In these examples, truth is packaged numerically: ‘Three Factors,’ and ‘Single most important thing.’ Breaking down concepts into a few key components makes them easier for consumers to grasp and remember.

You can’t package something that is essentially un-true and expect the packaging to make it believable. Telling a FSBO, ‘There is no way you will ever be able to sell your home yourself,’ would be a good example. It’s a false statement. People sell their homes themselves all the time. Telling a FSBO, ‘You may well be able to sell your home yourself in today’s market. What I’d like to do is stay in touch every few days to see how you’re doing. My hope is that, if the time comes that you need help, you’ll think of me.’ . . . well, that’s about as honest a statement as you might make. It’s so straightforward that it may be disarming. The agent who takes this tack and then follows up every few days with ideas and suggestions that might help the FSBO is going to be at the head of the pack when – somewhere around week three – the FSBO gets stood up again . . . and that becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not anti-script. I think scripts are fine, when you are learning your business. Good scripts will help you see, understand and remember the truths about selling real estate. They can be the fast track to mastery. I guess I’m a good example. My first six months in the business, I sucked. I was so bad I had serious doubts about my ability to sell real estate at all! But then, one frustrating day, I wandered down to my Board library and checked out a set of Tom Hopkins’ tapes (it was 1977). I’d drive around in my car listing to Tom reciting his scripts, thinking to myself, ‘There’s no way I’ll ever do that. It’s not me. It’s so phony!’

And then I called on a FSBO. I arrived at the door prepared, as usual, to get absolutely nowhere. But when the door opened, out of my mouth came Tom Hopkins’ words. As I talked, I could see the seller relax just a little. Then she asked a question, and another Tom Hopkins’ script came out of me. Next thing you know I had the listing. And then I got her son’s listing. And then I sold both of the houses and sold them each replacement homes! I still didn’t like Tom Hopkins’ scripts, but I sure was glad they’e found their way into my brain.

As the years went by, I learned everyone’s scripts. And I also realized that what I was doing was learning key bits of information about the home buying and selling process that I could call up whenever they were needed. I learned that, despite Tom’s near constant harangue to ‘Use the script exactly as it is written, word-for-word,’ I did best when I simply spoke the truth contained in the script. I came across as genuine and sincere . . . because I was. I was telling the truth and if felt good – to me and my clients.

So, good luck finding Brian Buffini’s scripts for free. When you do locate them learn them well, recognize the truth in them and then make them your own. And if you want some of the very best scripts and information about the home buying and selling process, get Danielle Kennedy’s book, ‘How to List and Sell Real Estate.’ It’s absolutely the best thing ever written for a real estate salesperson to read. It’s in its quadrillionth printing and was revised just last year to reflect new market realities. I’m serious: go get it.

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