New Stuff

The PowerPoint presentations from the latest round of rallies are posted in the Download Library, now.  Many of you asked for them, now go get ’em.  If you’ve forgotten your login information, just send an email to

If you attended one of the rallies, there were a number of exciting announcements:  the Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Program (details also posted in the Download Library),  the Short Sale Leads program (you’ll find details in the Rally Presentations folder), and Sikku Short Code Marketing.  Check your email this week for details about these exciting new developments.

I’m off to Baltimore tomorrow for the next rally.  John and I will be reviewing everything I just mentioned plus presenting a Blueprint for company growth and going back to basics with the Five Pillars of Help-U-Sell.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the folks from the Northeast and am sure it will be a great time.

Meanwhile, this would be a great time to get back to building your online presence.  That means customizing your website and working with all the other online tools available to you.  Don’t forget:  Tami Patzer is ready to help you in any way she can.  Just give her a call:  941-951-7707  Ext. 3001.

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