The Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Program

Note:  This Thursday’s training webinar will be devoted to the Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Program and to the BIG viral marketing campaign we are about to implement.  It is very important that you get to this meeting.  It is at 2pm Eastern Time (11am, Pacific) and you can register by accessing this link: Registration

It worked.  When the Federal government implemented the Tax Credit programs, there was a definite upturn in business as the deadlines approached.  In addition to helping millions of buyers realize their housing dreams, the programs created huge public awareness that special programs like these sometimes exist.  The Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Program was created to capitalize on that awareness and to make our qualified listings more marketable.

Many, if not most, home buyers today are ‘cash poor.’  This has always been true for first time buyers who are one of the largest purchasing groups today, but it’s also true for many other buyers struggling with tough economic realities.   For this reason, many sellers today agree to pay some of their prospective purchasers’ closing costs.  What the Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Program does is to formalize that arrangement in a way that makes it marketable.

Truth is:  many sellers already provide this help, but they don’t advertise the fact and usually don’t commit until a purchase agreement is in process.  With the Homebuyer Stimulus program we’re asking sellers to consider the advantages of paying some closing costs upfront, at the time of listing.  That then becomes a big market differentiator that we can advertise.  A buyer comparing two similar homes in the same area is likely to opt for the one that is Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Eligible because it may require less cash to close.

There are many new materials associated with the program:

  • A listing Amendment and a sample clause for a purchase agreement
  • A Seller information flyer
  • A .JPEG banner to identify eligible listings at
  • A new button to link to program information on participating broker websites
  • A broker guide
  • A sample ad
  • And more

All of these items are in the Download Library under ‘ Homebuyer Stimulus Program.’

The program probably fits best on listings in price ranges attractive to first time buyers, where sellers have equity.  It is probably less applicable to REOs or Short Sale Listings where a lender will make the ultimate decision on any offer to purchase.

What we’re asking participating sellers to do is pay 3% of the purchase price, up to $8,000, at closing towards the buyers’ non-recurring closing costs.  All of the credit will be reflected in the HUD-1 and it’s all subject to State and Federal law, lender requirements, and type of loan secured by the purchaser.  Any credit unrealized by the buyer due to regulation,  type of mortgage or lender requirements, is retained by the seller.  When coupled with Help-U-Sell Low Set Fee pricing, the total outlay by sellers may still be less than paying a traditional broker a full percentage based commission.

Tami Patzer (our Social Networking guru) has developed a viral marketing campaign using carefully placed video announcements about the program.  Once implemented that program should create huge consumer awareness and interest nationwide.  It is important that all Help-U-Sell brokers and team members become familiar with the program before that campaign begins.  That’s why the Thursday webinar this week will be devoted to this.  In the mean time, it would be wise to go to the Download Library, get the materials that are there and familiarize yourself with them.

Really:  Get Ready!  This will be big.

New Stuff

The PowerPoint presentations from the latest round of rallies are posted in the Download Library, now.  Many of you asked for them, now go get ’em.  If you’ve forgotten your login information, just send an email to

If you attended one of the rallies, there were a number of exciting announcements:  the Help-U-Sell Homebuyer Stimulus Program (details also posted in the Download Library),  the Short Sale Leads program (you’ll find details in the Rally Presentations folder), and Sikku Short Code Marketing.  Check your email this week for details about these exciting new developments.

I’m off to Baltimore tomorrow for the next rally.  John and I will be reviewing everything I just mentioned plus presenting a Blueprint for company growth and going back to basics with the Five Pillars of Help-U-Sell.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the folks from the Northeast and am sure it will be a great time.

Meanwhile, this would be a great time to get back to building your online presence.  That means customizing your website and working with all the other online tools available to you.  Don’t forget:  Tami Patzer is ready to help you in any way she can.  Just give her a call:  941-951-7707  Ext. 3001.

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