Help-U-Sell for Agents

Real estate agents are a funny lot.  Most don’t make much money.  I know:  with commissions as high as they are, that’s hard to believe; but it’s true.  In fact, most do so poorly that they leave the business within 3 years of entering.  It’s not that agents are generally mediocre that causes so many to fail slowly, though.  The problem lies in how the real estate industry structures the agent job.  Many who struggle along, day after day in ordinary real estate offices could thrive under different circumstances.  Here’s a short video about the alternative.  If you are working for Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Keller Williams, ReMax or any other company, this will be worth your time.

Help-U-Sell Brokers, if you’d like to have a copy of this video to put on your own YouTube Channel, you’ll find it in the Download Library in OMS.

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