Jeff Gets Brawney

Jeff Braun, Help-U-Sell broker in Union Grove, Wisconsin, has been in coaching with Ron McCoy for more than a year.  The weekly sessions last an hour, max, and are intended to give Jeff an ear and an opportunity to think through the challenges he faces in his specific marketplace.  Those challenges include a smaller market, lower average sale prices, and fewer transactions than many Help-U-Sell brokers enjoy.

Last month, Jeff and Ron decided a price reduction campaign was in order.  Jeff had the listings — more than 30 — but they weren’t selling.  So he systematically went to each seller seeking a reduction . . . and was successful with nine.  Today, as a direct result, he has 10 pending transactions and is on cloud nine.  His plan is to now go back to the many who resisted the first time around and show them what happened with those who did reduce their price.

In this case:  Better Prices = More Sales = Better Market Visibility = More Listings = More Leads = More Sales.  It’s a great snowball effect.  Congratulations, Jeff!

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