REO Training!

By popular demand, we’re going to be offering Maurine Grisso’s REO Workshop starting next week.  Maurine authored and presented the program about 3 years ago and the results speak for themselves:  almost every Help-U-Sell broker who has broken into the REO market took the course.  Most of them point to Maurine’s training as the starting point in their REO journey.

We wanted to bring the program back for a couple of reasons:

  • Things have changed dramatically in 3 years.  The number of asset management players has shrunk and in cases the actual players have changed, procedures have evolved and the whole process has streamlined.
  • There is a big opportunity right now for those wanting to break into the REO segment.  A huge mass of new foreclosures sits poised and ready to enter the market.  Many of the old line players who got this business in the past are overwhelmed and/or have done such a poor job that new brokers are needed.  In some cases, policy limiting the number of REOs an individual broker can carry has created openings for more.  In short: this is NOT a closed door, there is an opportunity here, and if you want it and are willing to work for it, you can be successful.

Online classes kick off next Thursday, Feb. 16 at 10 am Pacific time.  There are four sessions, one a week at the same time, each lasting about an hour.  Completion of the course will result in a Certificate – which has been a credibility booster for those seeking this business in the past.  Cost to participate:  $0. That’s right:  it’s free.  You need only invest your time and focus.

You must register for this program and you do so by sending an email to me:

Right now we are at 10 reservations and we probably have room for about 4 more, so don’t hesitate too long!

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