Since coming back to Help-U-Sell in June, I’ve talked with a lot of brokers.  What I’ve found is a bunch of heroes.  I mean:  here in the most difficult real estate market in history, we have people working harder than they ever have, managing to survive and even thrive, all the while maintaining an infectious, positive attitude.  There are so many I’d just like to give a medal to.  What they’re doing is no small feat, either.  They are, against great odds, preserving the dream of home ownership for all of us.  I’m always proud to be an American.  Today I’m proud to be a REALTOR.  And I’m even prouder to be part of Help-U-Sell, where courage, commitment and passion for a job well done reign. 

In this challenging real estate universe where only the strong survive, I’ve noticed a few common themes in the attitudes and conversations of  the Help-U-Sell brokers who are making it happen.  First is optimism.  They acknowledge that the market is complex and demanding, but they are up to the challenge and know — really, know — they’re going to make it no matter what.  They seem hungry and open to new ideas and soak up new information as if it were a rare commodity.   Then I see them installing the best ideas into their own businesses.  That says a lot about  flexibility and adaptability. 

I see remarkable confidence and self-reliance.  These are the folks who regard everything at their disposal — even their Help-U-Sell franchise — as a tool for increasing their productivity in the field.  More than a few have said something like:  ‘I love Help-U-Sell.  I can’t imagine working without the brand, the set fee, and the system.  I appreciate corporate and I’m excited about what’s happening but, frankly, I’m going to make this thing work no matter what anybody else does.’  You can see in that statement the heart of the American Entrepreneur.  It’s that dogged determination to take a business on your own shoulders and make it work.

These are the ones who are not looking for a handout, not looking to be rescued or protected.  They’re not looking for some magical new idea to somehow save them.  They don’t have time for that.  They’re too busy finding ways to save themselves, and having a darn good time doing it. 

It takes a lot of heart to dig down deep in the midst of chaos and collapse, and find the optimism, enthusiasm and energy to pull yourself up and out.  And I assure you:  this team of Help-U-Sell brokers we have out in the field today — they have that kind of heart in spades.   Thank you all for being here and for doing what you do.  You are heroes to me.

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