Get Ready!

Tomorrow is National Help-U-Sell Get A Listing Day!

Every war story you report here at The Set Fee Blog is a chance to win a one-on-one website make-over and optimization consultation with Robert Stevens ( a $548.27 value, worth tens of thousands in increased business).  We’ll draw the winner at Noon, Eastern Time on Thursday, February 4.  You do not have to be present to win, but you do have to submit your war stories for a chance.

Today is a great day to get organized:

  • Before you leave the office tonight, pull the Expired Listings you will call — that will be one step that won’t hang you up tomorrow.
  • Identify the FSBOs you’ll call, too.
  • If door-knocking in a target neighborhood is in your plans, what will you be leaving behind?  Perhaps an explanation of the current Tax Credit would be good.  Get that piece done today so you don’t waste time on it tomorrow.
  • If you’re planning cold calls, take a few moments to scrub your list for Do-N0t-Calls, or ask a lender or title rep to do it for you.
  • Take a few moments preparing your dialogues:  what will you say to your past clients, to FSBOs and Expireds, to cold contacts?  If you need ideas there are some HERE.
  • Open your day planner and block time for prospecting activities.  Plan to devote at least three hours prospecting for new listings.  Remember, tomorrow the future of the entire Free World depends on your getting a new listing before the sun goes down! (well, actually, before close of business — lots of listings happen after dark).
  • Finally, tonight, when you are lying in bed, before you turn out the light, think about it. Picture yourself getting to the office tomorrow morning.  Picture yourself calmly brushing the crisis of the moment aside to be dealt with on your time, not despite your plan.  Picture yourself picking up the phone and calling all of the people you’ve planned to call, saying exactly what you planned to say.  Picture yourself pulling a market analysis and prepping your clipboard for the listing appointment you just booked.  Picture that unknown seller smiling as they sign your listing agreement.

Then Tuesday morning, getting up and getting it done will be a snap!


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