National Help-U-Sell Get A Listing Day Is Here!

How to play:

1.  Get at least one new listing today, February 2, 2010.

2.  Tell the war story about your new listing(s) here at the Set Fee Blog.

(click the ‘Comment’ link at the bottom of this post, enter your name and your email address, and tell us:  how you got the lead,  the biggest challenge you faced and how you overcame it, and why they chose to list with you.)

3.  Click ‘Submit,’ and you will be entered to win a complete website makeover and search engine optimization consultation with Robert Stevens!

We’ll draw the winner on Thursday Feb. 4,  at noon Eastern Time.

You may enter once for each listing you take on February 2, 2010.

Now:  Go Make It Happen!




2 thoughts on “National Help-U-Sell Get A Listing Day Is Here!”

  1. Last Friday, I received a call from a seller whose home I had listed in April, 2007! She said, “Hi, do you remember me?” “Of course,” I said. “Well, would you like to list my home again?”
    Here’s how we came full circle. I had listed the home for $305,000 in April 2007. The owner was in the process of building another home and was trying to “time it.” The home is on over an acre and a half and has a four stall horse barn. She owns several horses which is why she was trying to time the sale and move to her new home.
    So, in the six months I had the home listed I was only able to get her to lower her price once, by 10k. At the end of the listing agreement she fired me and hired a traditional agent and relisted at the same $295,000 price. It was with this agent from Nov. 2007 until March 2009 and by the end of the listing was priced at $269,000. She told me today that she had received an offer for $285,000 and turned it down!!!
    Next, she tried an auction. She paid the auctioneer $200, paid for all the advertising, held open houses, and the day of the auction, the auctioneer told her there was not enough interest and cancelled the auction.
    So, it was back to a traditional realtor in Aug. 2009, now at $244,900. The price remained there until the end of the listing and the phone call to me asking if I wanted the listing again.
    She came into my office this morning and re-listed at $240,000. It has been a humbling learning experience for her and a great story for me to share with other sellers.

    Allright Matt! Wonderful War Story and it’s the first one for today! — JD

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