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Tech Time Tuesday goes Facebook for a month, starting today!  Each of the next four Tech Tuesday webinars will focus on this amazing tool and how you can use it to build your business.  I’ve talked with offices that are averaging a closing a month just from the network they’re building on Facebook and I believe that’s just the beginning of what could be a very profitable source of business.  It’s not an automatic, though.  Facebook, like so many other lead generation systems, must be worked.  It’s not hard, but there are a lot of tips and tricks to make your experience easier and more effective.

The sessions will be one hour each and will occur each of the next four Tuesdays (including today) at 11 am Pacific Time (2pm, Eastern).

Check you Help-U-Sell email and look for a message sent yesterday, May, 24, from Robert Stevens.  The subject line will be:  ‘Tech Time Tuesdays – Facebook and new Broker Website Implementation.’  It has the link you can use to sign up for this important series.  If you can’t find the email, call anyone at corporate or send a message to

See you online!

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  1. Yes, James, this is very exciting! Today we will just “touch” on the amazing power of Facebook for Help-U-Sell (R). Today’s lesson will focus on the WHY you want this virus and how to start making friends. So, our first assignment will be to use the tips we will provide today and to come back next week with some success stories as we build on our lessons each week. At the end of this Tech Time Tuesday series, we will have some fabulous friendships in the making. I am excited to be part of this adventure!

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